Matrix Development Consultants

Current Projects

Where we Work

Our Partners

Matrix has worked with a number of agencies and partners in programme and project implementation: They include:


  1. UK Department of International Development (DFID)
  2. Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA)
  3. European Union (EU)
  4. European Investment Bank
  5. African Development Bank
  6. World Bank

Commercial partners - current and recent

  1. DAI/ HTSPE (UK)
  2. IDC (Uganda)
  3. Premier Consulting Group (Rwanda)
  4. Syscorp (Uganda)
  5. SIPU (Sweden)
  6. Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy (Germany)
  7. NIRAS (Scandinavia)
  8. GOPA (Germany)
  9. Natural Resources Institute (UK)
  10. WSP (UK)
  11. Finmark Trust (South Africa)
  12. Shore Bank (USA)
  13. Atkins International (UK)